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We pride ourselves in offering quality, efficient care! We strive to provide the best medical care for all of our patients.

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QC Tucker

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QC Marietta

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Telemedicine Clinics

We leverage technology to enable a high-quality telemedicine visit by giving doctors the diagnostic information they need to make a better medical decisions remotely. For almost all of our medical consultations, the provider will not be with the patient physically.

Most Visits are of identical quality to seeing in person and have 2x the diagnostic capability of a telemedicine visit.

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We can also meet many of your healthcare concerns with a video call from the comfort of your home. These must be booked by calling the clinic.

(404) 946-6398

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The best remote care is provided in person at our clinic, where your vitals can be administered safely with our medical equipment and point of care tests.

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Clinic Hours

Hours: M-F 10 AM - 5 PM Closed on Weekends

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Our Services


Get your flu, covid and other immunizations for work, travel or school


Whether it's for sports or surgical clearance, we certify it all

Weight loss

Customized advice with monitoring, in addition to treating underlying conditions, and new drugs like Ozempic (Semaglutide)


Basic dietary and supplement advice. We also offer a genetically customized nutritional program.

Cancer Screening

Identify genetic risks for up to 66 cancers

Allergy Testing

We test for the overwhelming majority of allergy responses, including mold, animal, food, environment, and others.

Ear Infections

We will use a otoscope to look in the ear canal and diagnose the exact best antibiotic. Ear lavages can also be performed.

Bacterial / Viral Infections

We can take care of the basics as well as anybody, with ample testing.


Comprehensive testing, treatment and prevention


In office flut test diagnoses quickly and helps guide treatment


Some medicationd are admisistered directly in office, such as semaglutide or rocephine.


Comprehensive testing and treatment.


Allergy testing, inflammation, exhaled nitric oxide or FeNo test, and other help diagnose and / or manage asthma.


Full diagnostic & management capability of type 1, 2, pre diabetes at home monitoring.

Heart Health

Tests in combination with a consult, such as cholesterol, C-reactive protein, Lipoprotein, ceramides, peptides, Troponin T, can identify major heart issues.


In office spirometry, in conjunction with consultation can help manage and treat COPD.

Chronic Kidney Disease

We measure creatinine in your blood and calculate how much you should be filtering. We will compare the two to diagnose you.


Blood and stool samples for detecting many types of cancers. We do not perform mammograms.


Our in office, point of care ultrasound can aid in the diagnosis of many conditions.


12-Lead device is in the office for physicals and to assess heart conditions.

Pap Smear

The industry standard in gynocological screening

TB Testing

Used for monitoring the condition or for screening

Drug Screen

12-panel suitable for most employment


Check allergic reactions from the environment, food, animals, etc.

Hormone Testing

Assess your levels and come up with a plan to improve them

Blood Glucose

Keeping track of A1C

Metabolic and Lipid Panel

We assess multiple biometrics to address your overall health and specific medical conditions


The wonder supplement designed to increases vitality by supercharging your cells mitochondria

 Myer's Cocktail

The famous pharmacists all around recipe; best feeling better generally.


Good for recovering from a workout or in preparation for athletic feat or challenge

Fountain of Youth

Anti-aging benefits

Allergy Fighter

Help your body fight an allergic reaction or use this as prevention

Immune Support

Great for assisting with recovering from sickness, or for those with weakened immune systems

About Insurance

We are in network with all major insurance carriers in Atlanta, including but not limited Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicaid 3rd parties (Peachstate, Wellcare, Caresource, Amerigroup, State Medicaid).

Your visit is generally the cost of your copay if your deductible is met, and even if it is not, we have extremely competitive prices, which can been seen on our booking page.

Meet our Team

Noman Bashir, PA

With 10 years of clinical experience in orthopedics, neurology and radiology, Noman brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to consultations with the practice including managing ultrasound radiological consultations

Tammy Almeida, NP

With 15 years of clinical experience as a nurse and now a nurse practitioner, Tammy has extensive experience in neurology, primary care and gerontology and assists the practice with it's women's health consultations. Tammy is driven to consistently provide outstanding, patient centered care & advocate for patients.

Jessica Lozano

Jessica comes to Quik Clinic with 20 years of clinical experience in multiple outpatient clinical settings as well as practicing as a Doctor in Mexico. She primarily handles clinical operations at the Tucker, GA office.

Lauren Walton

Lauren is pursing a degree in Nursing and assists with clinical and back office work.


“I was able to schedule an appointment quickly. Was treated with care and quickly diagnosed. My prescription was sent to my pharmacy and was ready when I arrived. I wish they were closer to me. I would use them for emergencies.”

Marc Goff (Patient)

“Best doctors experience I’ve had in my life. I have a newborn baby and don’t want to leave the house, they were able to do a visit over zoom. Easy process they even texted me late at night and morning to communicate.”

Barbara Jones (Patient)

“Staff very helpful. I got my test and was in and out in about 20 minutes. This is my second time using this clinic and very satisfied with both visits!”

Jerry Williams (Patient)

“I have had the pleasure of visiting the Tucker site twice and I was treated like I was part of the staff’s family. Awesome energy.”

Peter Smith (Patient)

“Friendly environment as soon as you walk in! Super fast and very attentive!”

Barbara Jones (Patient)

“The staff are truly professionals offering quality service. They are extremely courteous, thorough and a pleasure to work with when you’re not feeling your best. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Razmuchin (Patient)


What is Quik Clinic?

Quik Clinic is a physical clinic staffed with a medical assistant or nurse and remote doctor (on a video call) that enables a higher quality telemedicine service.

What does it cost?

Generally, the cost of your visit is just your insurance copayment and any deductible responsibility or co-insurance.

What care can you not provide?

We can address nearly all of your basic primary care needs! We are unable to render some imaging services (X-ray, MRI), and urgent care needs such setting fractured bones and casting. New service offered include ultrasound and allergy testing.

Can you perform lab tests without medical exams, like for drug screening?

Yes! We perform most pre-employment, drug screen, and other standard blood or urine medical tests through Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, or other CLIA waived tests.

What does it cost?

We are in network with most insurance, so it is normally just your copayment if you have met your deductible.